rejecting luck

I have a bone to pick with the concept of luck.

For the past year of my life I have experienced a common mistaken link that people associate with success in many forms. Luck. Society likes to believe that luck is an integral component in achieving success in all its forms. Somehow that even with a deficit in other areas, there’s a mechanism of luck that results in attaining goals and success that can be relied upon. When someone achieves something great, it’s because they’re lucky.

I remember posting a picture of Petra, a place I’ve wanted to go for so long, obsessing about organizing the complicated logistics of getting there, and having people comment about being a lucky girl. When I told people about my acceptance to JACAC or funding to go to Ethiopia, Israel, Europe, again they stress how lucky I am.

Luck has got nothing to do with it.

I am thankful that anonymous donors are so generous. I have dedicated hours to finding opportunities and perfecting applications. I am constantly focused on and driven by self-improvement. I think months ahead to strategically plan my studies and experiential learning. But is luck even an attributable factor to the things I’ve done?

What it comes down to is hard work, intelligence, perseverance, and ambition. Luck need not be considered.

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